In addition to development of long-term relations with our clients, Certus Consulting is proud of our deep understanding of the public and private sector, real and financial sector, as well as first-hand experience of operation of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and its agencies.

Using our extensive experience and innovative approach to our clients' needs, we have developed and implemented the following pioneering transactions:

  • First privatization in the banking sector via capital increase
  • First large-scale debt restructuring in a public sector entity in Serbia in the period of crisis
  • First stock swap by a listed company in Serbia
  • First acquisition of a large EU company by a Serbian investor
  • First use of “mezzanine” financing (debt and equity hybrid) by Serbian investors
  • First multi-party private placement in a Serbian financial institution
  • First cross-border combined cash & stock deal in Serbia
  • First sale of controlling stake in a publicly traded company through simultaneous privatization of a minority stake and sale of individual shareholders’ stocks

Certus Consulting has a vast experience in analysis and monitoring of macroeconomic and general economic trends in the country and the region. Certus Consulting team members have participated in the creation of macroeconomic and sector analysis and preparation of strategic documents. Since 2005 Certus Consulting analyzes operations of the largest Serbian companies through the creation of the Top 500 publication. The publication has been widely accepted among experts and is used as an indispensable analytical tool in the investment and financial decision-making process, as well as for defining strategic directions of companies and financial institutions.

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